…is the builder of this home. His attention to many details, from the curved molding joints to the hand made cedar tiles that adorn the wall of the suite’s private deck, are a testament to the love that he poured into his endeavor. We had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of years ago, and invited him in to see and feel how the years have treated his labor of love. The emotion was palpable. He told us how he had a quonset set up on the lower part of the property to provide shelter as he hand peeled the logs, and over the four years that it took him to complete the build, he spent a lot of time living here in his trailer. We feel so blessed to have been chosen as the purveyors to continue his vision.

Over the six years that we have been here, Dennis and I have also poured much of ourselves into this place. There have been more times than I can count when the perfect piece of furniture, or antique what-have-you, or decor detail, has captured my attention and blended it’s presence into the feeling that the suite imparts to our guests. So many local artisans have had a part in designing this place and helping to capture the sentiments of zen (as some have worded it), and tranquility. Handmade furniture molded from 100 year old reclaimed fir, woven pine needle baskets, antique thread spools and opera glasses, rusted railway spikes. The passion these artists have streamed into their craft, and the echo of the lives of the people who used some of these pieces so many years ago…their energies still vibrate to this day, or at least that’s what I like to think.

It stands to reason that the people who are attracted to us are mostly like minded individuals, although sometimes we attract the curious. Those who see beauty in the agelessness of artifacts from bygone eras, others who appreciate the comforts and feel of a more modern existence with a decidedly ‘earthy’ feel, and still others who come for the food.

I really do believe in the influence of our surroundings. I accept as truth that Jeffrey’s hard work and love, and in turn ours, has created a space that people can feel as well as see…and that is the experience.

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